Can't reset to factory default with ubifs builds

Hi All,

I'm using NXP layerscape LS1046A and there's a problem to run factory reset with ubifs builds
Running 'firstboot' and return 'MTD partition 'rootfs_data' not found'
And after running 'mount_root' the /overlayfs still not mounted
Is there any suggestions or any existing packages to do the 'factory reset' with ubifs builds
I'm using LEDE v18.06.1


@chunkeey this similar to the issue I had previously?

no idea, but doesn't look like it at first glance. The 18.06.1 should not have that MX60 issue.

Can you post the content of
# cat /proc/mtd
# ubinfo -a

and dmesg/bootlog look like on your device?