Can't Repeat Signal from Base Station

Hello, and apologies if I've made any obvious mistakes.

I recently flashed 15.05.1 to an old router, an On Networks N150R. The reason for such an old version is that it's the latest version small enough that it won't fill up the memory on the device. I am able to install more recent versions, but the following problem still persists, and I would not have enough memory to save any changes to the configuration.

Anyways, I did all this in order to use the device as a repeater. My current base station is an Asus RT-N12 running its default firmware, and I'd like to keep it that way due to a number of features Asus offers. In the OpenWRT router, I am able to scan and view and seemingly able to connect to the Asus router. I can even ping successfully, but for some reason, there is no actual Internet connection. In addition, when I go into the device list on the Asus router, the OpenWRT router is not listed anywhere.

v15 is insecure and unsupported.

Which device?

This problem is known: Report Devices Here With 18.06.0 Provided Image too big to save overlay

The N150R has only 4MB flash / 32MB RAM.
See for details regarding this problem.


The GL-inet ar300m-lite is a $20 device with much more capabilities. It can solve your problem without hassle if it's available where you are.

Try to put DNS manually.