Can't reach u-boot on bricked Dynalink DL-WRX36

So, I've tried all the following baudrates.

It always returns nonsense. Also, sometimes it now doesn't require WPS button to be pushed to generate this. It just spits this out straight from power-on.


Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately that didn't change anything :frowning:

I'm really hoping this is fixable lol

I dont know what else to tell you, it sucks that there is no SPI-NOR that can be easily reflashed

So it truly is bricked beyond recovery then? I don't understand how I get solid output up until S Core 0 frequency, surely this blind typing for 20 seconds trick should work if all other info I've been told is true? Is there anything I've possibly missed or done wrong?

I will pay someone to unbrick this for me. I can't let thing go to waste

NAND is rather hard to unbrick, consider it 'basically impossible'. The BGA is difficult to desolder (hot-air station and re-balling required), thanks to the various in-band ECC mechanisms the actual external writing of the chip is difficult as well, making this relatively unlikely to succeed.

Most who did succeed (on other devices), did so by 'cheating':

  • if you're very lucky, the vendor designed the board with spi-nor as well (empty header), with a way to toggle between NAND and spi-nor (usually depending on a bootstrap resistor), finding this and getting it to work is not trivial
  • maybe the vendor left an empty JTAG header on the board design, but this isn't trivial either - often components for the JTAG header are missing and the JTAG procedure needs pretty intimate SOC knowledge and special devices
  • if none of the above applies, very desperate tinkerers might reverse engineer the PCB enough to find the missing traces for spi-nor or JTAG 'somewhere' (and be it grinding down the chip edges and PCB layers)

Externally reflashing the NAND is less likely to succeed.

As you can see, neither of this is very likely - and even in the best of all cases it will take weeks and strong determination (and a lot of knowledge). This is something you can effectively only do for yourself, by declaring it your hobby for the next half year and spending more on equipment than the price of a new router (unless you're very lucky), with maybe a 20% chance of success.

Is there any way that PuTTy would fail to send serial commands to the router if it wasn't run as admin, or wanted the USB TTL to be in a different usb port? It's so weird that I get solid output until the frequency line

You're on the right port, if you get the initial output.

@robimarko Hello both! HUGE breakthrough today. After trying 6 different USB serial adapters, one has finally done something.

I now get this output after the Frequency line I was stuck at before:

S - Core 0 Frequency, 1651 MHz
PCI0 is not defined in the device tree

PCI1 is not defined in the device tree

In:    serial@78B3000

Out:   serial@78B3000

Err:   serial@78B3000

machid: 8850105

MMC Device 0 not found

eth5 MAC Address from ART is not valid

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0 

mtdids not defined, no default present

Error initializing mtdparts!

Error, no UBI device/partition selected!

Wrong Image Format for bootm command

ERROR: can't get kernel image!

Net:   MAC0 addr:4c:ab:f8:47:cb:59

PHY ID1: 0x4d

PHY ID2: 0xd0b1

PHY ID1: 0x4d

PHY ID2: 0xd101

EDMA ver 1 hw init

Num rings - TxDesc:1 (0-0) TxCmpl:1 (7-7)

RxDesc:1 (15-15) RxFill:1 (7-7)

ipq807x_edma_alloc_rings: successfull

ipq807x_edma_setup_ring_resources: successfull

ipq807x_edma_configure_rings: successfull

ipq807x_edma_hw_init: successfull



Please advise!!!!

Thank you!!

You are basically in the U-Boot CLI now

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So, next move?? I feel like I must be close to recovering this bad boy

Boot OpenWrt initramfs and then you can easily recover

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Please, I'm kind of nooby. How would I do this? I have the initramfs on a USB stick. Is that what I'm needing?


You can restart the install, with the serial guide instead.

Okay, so I'll do that by cancelling auto-boot and starting from scratch.

Will report back.

Thanks for your help guys it's hugely appreciated.

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Good luck.

Just out of curiosity, which USB TTL did work ?

It was this one. Ironically the cheapest one too.

All the ones I got from amazon didn't do anything.


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Officially unbricked and all good running Openwrt 23.05. Thanks for your help guys


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