Can't ping with wireguard client enabled

I made a little test router on my network. I would like to start using a Wireguard server and client with PBR.

For now I created a router with a Wireuard client to my provider. This works, I can browse the web and checked However, when I log into my router and do a ping I get the following error message:

PING ( 56 data bytes
ping: sendto: Operation not permitted

When I stop the Wireguard connection and restart the WAN connection, my internet connection is restored and I can use the ping command on the router again.

Is this normal behaviour or did I make a mistake somewhere?

Did you create a firewall zone/rule for the WG interface?

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Thank you for the reply but I have already resolved the issue. Somewhere, while setting up my router, I made a config error. I reinstalled everything and now it seems to work.

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