Can't ping wireless clients on the network!

To be clear, a phone is not a good test case because it may or may not respond, in part depending on its current state (i.e. sleeping, etc.)

You should use two 'regular' devices like 2 different computers. Ideally these computers have both wifi and ethernet so you can try different combinations.

I'm still unclear as to exactly what the scenario for the ping failures vs ping successes are. Can you make a comprehensive list like:

  • laptop (wired) > phone (wifi) = <success/failure>
  • laptop (wireless) > phone (wifi) = ...
  • OpenWrt > laptop (wired) = ...
  • OpenWrt > laptop (wifi) =. ..
    and so on.
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As a conclusion, there is a phone A that's pingable but a phone B is pingable but only from the router.

Maybe that phone's FW is configured that way.

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So is the issue now solved?

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