Can't make eduroam to work

I want to make my dormroom internet work with my router. I already have lede installed. I tried to follow instruction on how to connect EDUROAM on linux but cant seem to configure/launch wpa_supplicant. When I follow instrucion it says to launch it with this command:

/sbin/wpa_supplicant -Dwired -c /etc/IEEE8021X/wpa_supplicant.conf -iinterface -B

but this file isnt in that folder, I dont even know where it is. Anyone know what am I doing wrong?

OpenWRT uses a different network management strategy than most desktop/server Linux-based distros.

wpa_supplicant is launched by netifd when appropriately configured through either the LuCI GUI, or through editing the config files.

I'd suggest trying to configure your network through the UI.

It looks like you've got some kind of "RADIUS" server (802.1X) configuration. If you're unable to configure what you need through the GUI, knowing what you're trying to achieve in much more detail would be helpful.

Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

I tried to do it through GUi but there is no options for the security i need to do. I need to upload custom certificate. And there is also no option to chose authentication method EAP(I think?). Here is a website whith instructions on how to do it on PC, unfortunatly there is no showcase for linux in english. Eduroam. You can check it on the left it says "Configuration". \

Now for the clarification. I want to connect internet to my router by cable so I can share it through wifi.

I had a look at the eduroam link, it seems that connecting your WAN(Ethernet) port to the Dorm LAN and using protocol "DHCP Client" for your wan interface and just entering your username/password in CHAP username/password fields would the easiest solution.

You can then just treat your DORM LAN as an ISP and just configure your router as a private LAN

If you must use the DORM Wifi instead of LAN, then scan and join the network "Network=>Wireless" to setup and new WWAN interace.

This might help with PEAP, I can't test it.

Look under "Client Mode with WPA2 Enterprise PEAP-GTC Authentication"

I dont really get what you are trying say to me :confused: Regular login won't work. If it did I would do it on any router. This link was helpfull, but still I did some more research and found thread that explains it somewhat. I manage to make the router have internet itself but I still can't share it over wifi. When I connect for example my phone it cant get ip from router :frowning:

Here is a link I was doing it with:
Unfortunatly he is doing this for his network, so I had to adjust some things for myself and even didnt do some things at all (everything with: "whnetz").
The last part is confusing to me, any ideas what I should do now to shere the internet access?