Can't login, lost ssh keys

So was distro hopping recently and forgot to backup my ssh keys, now I can't login via ssh, also in my paranoia had set uhttpd to disabled at boot time. I have the password for logging in through the web browser, but would start uhttpd from ssh when ever I needed to login via gui.
any suggestions please ? I don't have a recent config backup ( also forgot to backup) and would hate to start from scratch. will have to reconfigure 3 routers.
also is there a way to enable uhttpd somehow during bootup ?

The failsafe procedure allows you to mount_root and back up your configuration, so you can restore it after the factory reset. If you know what you're doing, you can also selectively change the existing configuration - as in re-enabling uhttpd or surgically adding/ changing/ removing ssh keys and/ or passwords.


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