Can't login in LuCI with normal browser


I'm quite new to openWRT, I just reseted my router to start fresh, entered a new password, and now I can't login on a normal browser tab, no "wrong password" prompt or anything it just goes back to the password prompt but on a Private browsing tab it works just ok with SSH as well... I tried reseting my router twice already and still have the same issue ...

I'm running a YouHua WR1200JS (also known as MTK MT7621A with a fresh install of the 19.07 firmware ...

So if you know what's up feel free :smiley:

I assume you had luci-ssl installed before, this sets up a redirect from http to https - and browser tend to remember those far longer than it makes sense. Explicitly deleting your browser cache should help with that (or re-installing luci-ssl).


I recently found out that deleting the "sysauth" cookie helped too, at least in Firefox. Apparently the cached "https" cookie prevents setting a lower security "http" cookie.


Thank you guys that was it !

Do you have by any chance a good tutorial on how to enable HTTPS with a let's encrypt certificate on a local domain (ie. I don't publicly own the domain I'm using locally on my network ...)

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