Can't Login after Flashing Stock

Hardware: WAVLINK WN570HA1
Chipset: MediaTek MT7688AN, MediaTek MT7610E


Trying to go back to stock firmware and after successfully flashing stock firmware via TFTP, I can get to the stock firmware login page but cannot log in...

First I tried the default password that came with the device and it says it's incorrect.

So then I tried the password that I originally set it too before ever flashing OpenWRT, and it seems to take the password but then just reloads the login page.

I've tried that numerous times and also tried doing a factory reset but no change...

Somehow it seems to remember the password I set somehow before flashing openwrt on to it.

If someone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. Since at the moment the device is useless since I really don't want to have to use openwrt on it...


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