Can't load XDP programs using neither iproute2/tc

Hey, I'm trying to load an XDP program into the kernel using iproute2 and tc (as an alternative)

I have a Linux machine running Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
and I'm being able to load the program easily using
sudo ip link set dev eth0 xdp obj target/bpf/programs/block_http/block_http.elf sec xdp/block

But when I'm heading to do the same command with the SAME exact file on my OpenWRT instance, I'm getting:
Cannot initialize ELF context!
Unable to load program

ip -V yields ip utility, iproute2-ss5.0.0-2.1-openwrt

OpenWRT version: OpenWrt 19.07.2 r10947-65030d81f3

Why are you double posting?

It ain't the same question, in this case the OpenWRT's version of iproute2 behaves differently then let's say Ubuntu's

I'm able to load the program on Ubuntu and not on OpenWRT

I'm not sure how that relates to OpenWrt. You noted in the previous thread you could not load these. Can you more clearly explain what you're trying to do and why displaying the results of ip -V are relevant.

I'm not understating why you call this a different issue.

I also asked:

This also means:

  • Did you verify you OpenWrt Kernel is compiled with such support
  • That the drivers contain such support

Doing a quick search of the code, I don't see support to load these.