Can't Install Software 0% Free Space (samba is large)

I have a Turris Omnia and did a sysupgrade from 19.07 to 21.02. When I did the upgrade I unchecked save the settings.

The upgrade went fine until I started to reinstall some packages that I was using with 19.07. After getting approximately half way through my list of packages to reinstall, I was unable to continue. Luci showed 0% free space. I can't see how I used up so much free space.

It is my understanding that the Turris is a reasonably high spec router and should not run out of space. I never had this problem with 19.07.

I have attached a screenshot of my Luci mount points and information. You can see that none of the mount points are enabled. When I enable them and click "save Changes", they revert to not enabled.

I don't know how to free up space without removing some opkgs, but that is not really a workable solution.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Something seems to have filled up all 100 MB of overlay space. Let's find out what:
du -sh -d 2 /

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Hi trendy:

Thanks for the reply.

I uninstalled adblock and samba and it freed up 33 mb. (odd).

du -sh -d 2 /

582.0K	/bin
0	/dev/bsg
0	/dev/bus
0	/dev/pts
0	/dev
5.5K	/etc/board.d
1.0K	/etc/capabilities
23.0K	/etc/config
0	/etc/crontabs
5.0K	/etc/dropbear
21.0K	/etc/hotplug.d
136.5K	/etc/init.d
1.5K	/etc/iproute2
0	/etc/luci-uploads
3.5K	/etc/modules-boot.d
37.0K	/etc/modules.d
2.0K	/etc/opkg
1.5K	/etc/ppp
5.0K	/etc/rc.button
3.5K	/etc/rc.d
206.5K	/etc/ssl
1.5K	/etc/sysctl.d
3.5K	/etc/uci-defaults
0	/etc/udhcpc.user.d
3.5K	/etc/adblock
8.5K	/etc/dbus-1
7.5K	/etc/avahi
3.5K	/etc/pam.d
10.5K	/etc/security
11.5K	/etc/samba
541.5K	/etc
4.5K	/lib/config
206.5K	/lib/firmware
51.0K	/lib/functions
5.1M	/lib/modules
118.5K	/lib/netifd
1.5K	/lib/network
14.0K	/lib/preinit
41.5K	/lib/upgrade
3.5K	/lib/wifi
6.2M	/lib
2.9M	/mnt/mmcblk0p1
2.9M	/mnt
6.6M	/overlay/upper
7.0K	/overlay/work
6.6M	/overlay
0	/proc/fs
0	/proc/bus
0	/proc/cpu
0	/proc/irq
0	/proc/sys
0	/proc/tty
0	/proc/scsi
0	/proc/driver
0	/proc/sysvipc
0	/proc/1
0	/proc/2
0	/proc/3
0	/proc/4
0	/proc/6
0	/proc/8
0	/proc/9
0	/proc/10
0	/proc/11
0	/proc/12
0	/proc/13
0	/proc/14
0	/proc/15
0	/proc/16
0	/proc/17
0	/proc/18
0	/proc/19
0	/proc/216
0	/proc/224
0	/proc/228
0	/proc/230
0	/proc/236
0	/proc/238
0	/proc/240
0	/proc/254
0	/proc/255
0	/proc/264
0	/proc/286
0	/proc/290
0	/proc/322
0	/proc/420
0	/proc/421
0	/proc/518
0	/proc/529
0	/proc/530
0	/proc/534
0	/proc/535
0	/proc/547
0	/proc/756
0	/proc/757
0	/proc/761
0	/proc/768
0	/proc/769
0	/proc/792
0	/proc/793
0	/proc/806
0	/proc/807
0	/proc/808
0	/proc/809
0	/proc/810
0	/proc/833
0	/proc/839
0	/proc/840
0	/proc/849
0	/proc/850
0	/proc/858
0	/proc/862
0	/proc/866
0	/proc/870
0	/proc/874
0	/proc/882
0	/proc/971
0	/proc/974
0	/proc/975
0	/proc/976
0	/proc/979
0	/proc/1136
0	/proc/1142
0	/proc/1183
0	/proc/1278
0	/proc/1279
0	/proc/1280
0	/proc/1281
0	/proc/1287
0	/proc/1288
0	/proc/1295
0	/proc/1355
0	/proc/1414
0	/proc/1437
0	/proc/1438
0	/proc/1439
0	/proc/1731
0	/proc/1783
0	/proc/1984
0	/proc/2082
0	/proc/2083
0	/proc/2143
0	/proc/2199
0	/proc/2350
0	/proc/2409
0	/proc/2437
0	/proc/2489
0	/proc/3162
0	/proc/3431
0	/proc/3458
0	/proc/3459
0	/proc/3666
0	/proc/3667
0	/proc/3679
0	/proc/3689
0	/proc
582.0K	/rom/bin
0	/rom/dev
359.0K	/rom/etc
3.6M	/rom/lib
0	/rom/mnt
0	/rom/overlay
0	/rom/proc
512	/rom/rom
0	/rom/root
532.5K	/rom/sbin
0	/rom/sys
0	/rom/tmp
5.3M	/rom/usr
771.0K	/rom/www
11.1M	/rom
0	/root
592.0K	/sbin
0	/sys/kernel
0	/sys/devices
0	/sys/class
0	/sys/dev
0	/sys/firmware
0	/sys/fs
0	/sys/bus
0	/sys/module
0	/sys/block
0	/sys
0	/tmp/dnsmasq.d
4.0K	/tmp/lib
8.0K	/tmp/hosts
4.0K	/tmp/etc
4.0K	/tmp/resolv.conf.d
0	/tmp/.uci
0	/tmp/tmp
0	/tmp/log
0	/tmp/extroot
0	/tmp/overlay
8.0K	/tmp/sysinfo
12.0K	/tmp/state
0	/tmp/lock
40.0K	/tmp/run
0	/tmp/shm
96.0K	/tmp
578.5K	/usr/bin
5.1M	/usr/lib
464.5K	/usr/libexec
2.7M	/usr/sbin
158.0K	/usr/share
8.9M	/usr
4.0K	/www/cgi-bin
797.0K	/www/luci-static
805.5K	/www
3.5K	/boot
38.3M	/

If you need anything else, just let me know.

Thanks again.

The disk usage seems normal. Does df -h agree with that?
Did you save any big files with samba? Did you download all the lists in adblock? I cannot imagine anything else being the culprit.

Hi trendy:

I was installing the packages through the Luci gui so I thought that might have been the problem. So I installed adblock through the command line and it showed 32mb still available. Then I installed samba4-client and it filled up again. This is what I got:

root@OpenWrt:/etc/config# opkg install samba4-client
Installing samba4-client (4.14.7-1) to root...
Installing libtirpc (1.3.2-1) to root...
Installing libreadline8 (8.1-1) to root...
Installing libpopt0 (1.16-2) to root...
Installing libcap (2.43-1) to root...
Installing libgmp10 (6.2.1-1) to root...
Installing libnettle8 (3.6-1) to root...
Installing libgnutls (3.7.1-1) to root...
Installing libtasn1 (4.16.0-1) to root...
Installing libopenssl1.1 (1.1.1l-1) to root...
Installing liburing (0.7-1) to root...
Installing libpam (1.5.1-1) to root...
Installing libattr (2.4.48-2) to root...
Installing attr (2.4.48-2) to root...
Installing libavahi-client (0.8-7) to root...
Installing samba4-libs (4.14.7-1) to root...
Configuring libpam.
Configuring libtasn1.
Configuring libcap.
Configuring libavahi-client.
Configuring libattr.
Configuring attr.
Configuring liburing.
Configuring libgmp10.
Configuring libnettle8.
Configuring libgnutls.
Configuring libreadline8.
Configuring libopenssl1.1.
Configuring libtirpc.
Configuring libpopt0.
Collected errors:
 * pkg_write_filelist: Failed to open //usr/lib/opkg/info/samba4-libs.list: No space left on device.
 * opkg_install_pkg: Failed to extract data files for samba4-libs. Package debris may remain!
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package samba4-client.
 * opkg_conf_write_status_files: Couldn't close //usr/lib/opkg/status: No space left on device.

Is there any reason why samba would fill up the device like that?


Samba is large, and requires lots of supporting dependency packages.

The smaller alternative version of the old samba is ksmbd.


Hi hnyman:

Thanks for the reply.

I will follow your advice for ksmbd.

Is there any simple reason why I never had a problem with OpenWrt 19.07?


Probably all packages' older versions were slightly smaller, and the same goes for kernel.

Example of the kernel & core package size growth:

the size of the sysupgrade release image for WNDR3700v1, an ar71xx/ath79 device that has been supported by Openwrt for ten years:

master: 5056.3 KB (snapshot without LuCI)
21.02.0: 5248.1 KB
19.07.8: 4096.3 KB
18.06.8: 3712.0 KB


.... and you might have used samba3 in the past, it was significantly smaller.


Turris Omnia comes with 8 GB eMMC, but based on your screenshot, it shows that there is only storage ~100 MB (/tmp does not count as it is RAM).
You should take a look at how you can extend it while using OpenWrt.

Hi Pepe:

You are right. I reverted to 19.07 because of all the difficulties I was having with 21.02 and the software page on Luci shows over 200MB free vs 33MB in 21.02.

Do you have any idea how I would go about doing that?



I was using Samba4 but had much more free space in 19.07.

See my response to Pepe.


Had similar space issue, solved following this guide[]=overlay