Can't install on AirTight C-75 - LZMA decode error

I'm trying to do a new install on an AirTight C-75, following the instructions from the Git commit. I've verified the SHA256 checksum values. I'm hoping someone can point out either what I'm doing wrong, or whatever might be going wrong with the process.;a=commit;h=0d96d36841e817f368e86d4af725570d757cb0ca

This is what happens:

Any thoughts?

Like most ath79 boards, the configuration used by designer/producer to compile U-Boot, didn't take into account that such "big" kernel could be used to boot the device. Some of the OpenWrt image recipes already use lzma-loader to workaround that but not this board, yet.
Anyway, use initramfs image from older release 21.02.x (it shouldn't be big enough to trigger the error) and then sysupgrade to latest release.

you could also try a higher mem address, as described in Backup copy of the jffs2.img firmware for unifi ap pro - #14 by mk24.

OK, both of these work. I guess the instructions need to be updated with a higher (working) memory address.

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