Can't get to Internet from Internal Router

Hi Folks,

I should start out by saying I am completely new to openWRT having just purchased a Plusnet Hub One with openWRT already installed on it (it is Version 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6851c72).

So my setup is the following:

Plusnet Hub One Original (Router 1 - Connected to Internet via DSL) - DHCP Using 172.16.0.x Range
Plusnet Hub One openWRT Installed (Router 2 - Connected to Router 1 via WAN and DHCP) - DHCP Using 192.168.1.x Range

What I am trying to achieve is an Internal Firewall protecting my Home PC so if someone was to break through to Router 1 they would have to also get through Router 2 before being able to get to my PC.

I'm am however unable to get Internet access on the device I have connected to Router 2

I can see Router 2 is connected to Router 1 as it is assigned an IP Address of (this correlates between Luci Summary and Router 1 Devices Screen).

Only changes (from Installed Configuration) I've made are:

Deleted IPv6 Alias for WAN
Changed WAN Interface to DHCP Client Protocol (to connect to Router 1 and get IP Address).
Changed WAN Interface (in Physical Settings) from DSL0 to ETH0.

I know I must be missing something simple but don't know if it is DNS, Firewall or some other problem I've created with changes I've made.

I can post Configs from SSH or Screenshots from LuCI Web Console if either of those would help?

Many Thanks in advance.


Does provide a step-by-step guide for configuring the BTHH5a, including what you're looking for (hint, take the opportunity to upgrade to 21.02.0 first and start with a clean slate, as that will save you time and effort in the long run).

As far as I understand, you want to connect two routers according to the LAN -> WAN principle?

please attach a screenshot with the interface settings from LuCI or data from the /etс/config/network file

On 2nd router, the physical interface should be changed from dsl0 to eth0.2 to use its red WAN port.

See section 9.3 of the installation guide for HH5a.


Thank you! - The Guide (in conjunction with Bill888) has resolved my issue and I can now get out to the Internet via Router 2.

I will upgrade to latest if that is recommended but that is again a new step for me but from what I can see it's more a case of getting the right software for the Model then actually upgrading the Firmware.



Thank you for the offer but happy to say with SLH and Bill88's advise I now have the Router working.



Thanks for the advise both yours and SLH have got me up and running.

Not sure why I needed to set it to a VLAN but that is obviously a Learning Circle I need and I shall now study the HH% Installation Guide more throughly and then follow SLH's advice of upgrading to latest Version.

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