Cant get flashed OpenWrt to routers with firmvers ddwrtv3.0-r33375 std (09/19/17)

I got 5 6 routers sticked on : DD-WRT v3.0-r33375 std (09/19/17) i want openwrt on all my routers to set but routers denied to be flashed is it posibile to flash without serial connection,i really dont wana brick any router

The usual way for flashing from DD-Wrt -> OpenWrt is:

DD-Wrt -> OEM Firmware -> OpenWrt

Please ask over in the DD-Wrt forum how to get back to OEM firmware.

they says only with serial connection :frowning:

I would second this request, although my case is slightly better as I have access to the flash chip (can erase and flash it outside the router) and also have serial access, including the ability to type commands in an U-Boot prompt, TFTP client included.

DD-WRT version here is "DD-WRT v3.0-r40559 std" and the router is a TL-WR743ND clone with 8 Mb flash (changed by myself; the original one is 4 Mb).

I suppose I can take a factory image, make some changes on it and flash the result using U-Boot, or better, using DD-WRT firmware upload page. I'd like to get directions about what the next steps could be or about the road blockers involved in such task (or even pointers to any related documentation).

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See above

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I know that but I'd like to go beyond (and perhaps make life easier for others).

Also, it would be a good way to learn something about the process of baking images.

Of course, but as @tmomas has said twice, those looking for information about the process of going from DDWRT back to the stock firmware should refer to the DDWRT website/documentation/forums because it is very different than OpenWrt and can also be specific to the model of the router.

Once a device is running the stock firmware, the device info pages for most supported OpenWrt routers contains the process for flashing to OpenWrt.

Creating custom images is covered in this article, but those images require that you are either running the stock firmware or a previous version of OpenWrt.

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Thanks for the explanation and the reference about building images.

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