Can't get deco AP to get internet from LAN port

HI guys, I really would appreciate the help here as I've been searching for answers the whole day now. So my problem is, I've set up OpenWrt on an tplink archer c7 and currently my topology looks like, isp modem>OpenWrt Router>deco tplink. The problem is, I get internet when I use the openwrt router's wifi but when I connect my deco to the ethernet ports of the router, I get no internet. It's like something's wrong with thee configuration of the lan ports.

Here are some of my screenshots in case it helps:

Appreciate the help.

My interfaces:

you sure it's not a subnet conflict, both C7 and Deco use the same LAN subnet ?

how is the Deco connected to the C7, anyway ?

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Deco is connected to C7 by the lan port 1 of the router.

`idk of this pic helps but this is vlan from my old router. As for ur question on subnet, how do I check if it's the same or not. I'm sorry I'm not very well versed in networking.

Disconnect the Deco from the C7, if you can still access it then, check what IP(s) your client(s) get.

What port on the Deco is used when connected to the C7 ?
There are servel Decos, from TP-Link, which one is it.

It's the tplink Deco M4r. What do u mean by accessing it? I can access both the router and the deco M4r individually just fine, it's just I don't get any internet from the deco, just wifi

These are some of the devices that are connected through the router's wifi right now.

The deco ip when connected is, as in to access the deco tplink web gui.

How is the c7 and the Decos interconnected ?

Hm, can u guide me on where to find that information? I'm not sure

it's the physical cable going from the C7 to the Deco.

Ethernet 1 to port 1 of deco

and is the 1st port on the Deco the WAN port ?

Yes since it's supposed to be receiving the internet from the C7 if I understand correctly. I do have to note that when I use my old router which is the stock router that came with the modem isp, the deco connects to the internet flawlessly, with the same ports used. Only when connected to C7 it's like this


When the clients are connected, and the Deco connects to the C7, what IP, gateway and DNSes do they get ?

and can you see the WAN IP of the Deco ?

This is from openwrt system

This is from the deco app

I'm really sorry if I seem so lost. Please bear with me :'). I can't seem to find WAN of deco

in the screenshot from Openwrt, is the Deco in the list of Active DHCP Leases ?

no it's not

in that case, try connecting to the C7, using ssh.
logon, and run logread -f

then try to connect the Deco to the C7 using the ethernet cable.

Is it perhaps possible to set a static WAN IP on the Deco ?

I'm not sure about static WAN, I've tried to search tplink forums but I haven't found one explaining it. Maybe u can have a look of the options of the deco and see here

Btw this is what i get when i run the command u gave in ssh

Thy changing the ipv4 in the 2nd screen shot, from dynamic to static.
Use as IP, as gateway and DNS.

What about the subnet mask?

So I've set it like this but still to no avail