Cant get banip to start after just installing either from gui or cmdline

config banip 'global'
        option ban_enabled '1'
        option ban_debug '0'
        option ban_autodetect '1'
        list ban_logterm 'Exit before auth from'
        list ban_logterm 'luci: failed login'
        list ban_logterm 'error: maximum authentication attempts exceeded'
        list ban_logterm 'sshd.*Connection closed by.*\[preauth\]'
        list ban_logterm 'SecurityEvent=\"InvalidAccountID\".*RemoteAddress='
        list ban_logterm 'received a suspicious remote IP '\''.*'\'''
        option ban_fetchcmd 'curl'
        option ban_protov4 '1'
        list ban_ifv4 'wan'
        option ban_protov6 '1'
        list ban_ifv6 'wan6'




error (nft: ✘, monitor: ✘)



Element Count


Active Feeds

Active Devices

wan: - / wan-if: wan, wan6 / vlan-allow: - / vlan-block: -

Active Uplink

NFT Information

priority: -200, policy: memory, loglevel: warn, expiry: -

Run Information

base: /tmp, backup: /tmp/banIP-backup, report: /tmp/banIP-report

Run Flags

auto: :heavy_check_mark:, proto (4/6): :heavy_check_mark:/:heavy_check_mark:, log (wan-inp/wan-fwd/lan-fwd): :heavy_check_mark:/:heavy_check_mark:/✘, dedup: :heavy_check_mark:, split: ✘, custom feed: :heavy_check_mark:, allowed only: ✘

Last Run

System Information

cores: 2, memory: 142, device: Xiaomi Mi Router AX3000T, OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r25024-5e395f0c24

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