Can't get "APINGER" working on wrt 1900acs

Hey guys, i am having some issues with getting apinger up and running. i have seemingly successfully installed the package, however for the life of me i can't seem to locate it within the GUI. what i am hoping to achieve by installing this package is monitoring of when WAN connection. if there is a better solution to do this within the GUI please let me know.

thanks in advance for your time.

Is there even a GUI app for this?
If so, did you install it?

Seems like LuCI integration has never been done.


yeah it said it did, when i checked the back end its there is the etc folder so i would like to think.

Oh okay, can you integrate it in a way that, say for example with a certain monitored device if it is down it can change the front led light configuration from white to orange? that would be cool.

just read the post at cool stuff, never mind my previous post about led configuration as its all there

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