Cant flash OpenWrt TP-link Archer c20 AC750

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to install openwrt but whenever i press the reset button nothing happens. I tried keeping pressed while powering on for a longer period of time then mentioned in the guide then it just factory resets my router.
If i set a static IP of my pc to the IP resets to my old dynamic IP after doing step 4 from the OpenWRT install guide. I am running Manjaro Arch based linux distro.

Static IP address guide:
my command:ip address add dev enp0s2
Please correct me if i did something wrong in that line.

OpenWRT install guide:

Thank you :slight_smile:

This doesn't make sense. If the PC network card is set to static IP, then the router can't change that.

If you are sure that the PC gets an IP form the router, then my best guess is that you are adding a "adding" a static IP, so the remains there, but upon booting the router it goes to normal boot sequence issuing DHCP IP to the router (but that static IP should remain there). I'm not much into Linux so can't be sure that what I'm saying makes sense. You could try setting a static IP via the GUI

Thanks for your reply.

I think the command i am using is just adding the ip to the list theres a config file located at /etc/netctl/examples/ i havent try this post yet if the above one doesnt work ill try it. I'll let you know when i give the above method a go right now i am away from my pc.
Thanks again. :smile: