Can't find factory installation firmware for WNDR3700v5

Hi. I'm trying to do a factory installation of LEDE 17.01.0 on my WNDR3700v5 but I can't find the firmware, only the sysupgrade.

What am I missing here?

Thank you.

I'm trying to build my own factory installation firmware but imagebuilder only builds the sysupgrade image! I have the sysupgrade but how am I supposed to install lede in the first place?

There's only a sysupgrade file provided (some hardware only requires a sysupgrade file).

I have found the most recent instructions here. It looks like you can just flash the sysupgrade file - make sure you know how to revert to stock before attempting to. I presume the steps described on the OpenWrt forum are redundant now, but it might be best to check in with @ldpinney, who made OpenWrt/LEDE support happen on the v5.

Chances are the v5 runs an older OpenWrt build (lots of Netgear devices do), if it has a sysupgrade command you can flash it easily (don't keep settings though!).