Can't find a compatible router in israel

i want to install open wrt but i can't find a VDSL router in israel that will be compatible to open wrt.
i don't want something expensive.
can you help me find a compatible model?
btw.. the open wrt website is often not loading to me.

thanks and love from israel

If they're not available in locally, it's probably going to be tricky ...

Try this filter.
Avoid devices < 128MB RAM + < 16MB flash, and anything that isn't supported by the 22.03 release or snapshots.

No issues here, but it can be very slow at times.

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perhaps you can tell me about such model from amazon uk?

How about you look for the models listed, at amazon ?

Or if you're interested in buying from EU, get an account with some EU based parcel forwarder, like shipito (there are obviously others, but I've only ever used this one).

Israel has always been rather strict in terms of regulatory certification of wireless devices, it may very well be that you won't find (nor can import) a supported device. Many lantiq based xDSL devices have been ISP branded in the past (so very regional availability) and that often came with lower-end system specs and/or unsuitable wifi chipsets, neither of which really help your search (and at least the 'best' options (bthub5 or some of the AVM devices) are unlikely to be certified for use in Insrael).

It may be easier to look for a pure (OpenWrt supported) router, in combination with a dedicated VDSL modem (you'll also get better hardware that way, e.g. 802.11ax, faster CPUs, more flash/ RAM).

i dont know allnthese terms. ive just been said that i will need a vdsl modem router. if you dont want to assist with a specific model dont assist

we didn't, and we're not going to do the leg work for you ...

you've got a list of what's supported, what else do you need from us ?
gift wrapped home delivery ?

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AVM actually lists a distributor for Israel... so at least some models seem to be permissible there.