Can't drive AMD / Spansion S34ML01G1 on kernel 5.4

Hi, I have an ipq40xx router with AMD/Spansion S34ML01G1 nand, and it works well on kernel 4.19.
I copied the code of this device to 5.4, and flashed the compiled firmware, result that the router can't start up.
Through ttl I found that openwrt with kernel 5.4 does not recognize the AMD/Spansion S34ML01G1 nand.
Here is the normal startup log:

[    1.679996] nand: device found, Manufacturer ID: 0x01, Chip ID: 0xf1
[    1.681139] nand: AMD/Spansion S34ML01G1
[    1.687792] nand: 128 MiB, SLC, erase size: 128 KiB, page size: 2048, OOB size: 64

This might be a bug or just my problem, so what should I do?

I already have a patch for it.
Juat needs to be submitted.

In 5.4 NAND controller driver symbol was left out so driver is not compiled in

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Thank you very mach, can I ask where the patch is?

I have it localy on my workstation.
Will push it today or tommorow

Thanks :grinning:

Its submitted

Thanks, I have noticed this, and I thought these 5.4 kernel were not used :rofl:

Off course they are used, but since upstream NAND symbols for parallel NAND changed to RAW NAND simple refresh of the config would leave these disabled and therefore no parallel NAND support.

Also, gigabit network does not work under 5.4, I have patches for it under review now.

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