Can't connect with default root login/pass on Kimax BS U25AWF (password invalid)

Hi all,

I'm proud to celebrate my first day with OpenWRT working :slight_smile:
I soldered some pins on the rx/tx/gnd pads, plugged the pins in that UART/USB adapter thing, launched that "tera term" other thing, preyed the gods (all of them), and hey ! I got a terminal working !!!

After beeing able to talk with that Kimax box, I could not manage to change the password of the Kimax system, only the password from a "recovery system" ? (I got a /etc/shadow and a /rom/etc/shadow in read-only, and they was different). My account also was "admin" instead of "root". Though the passwd command worked, I still was not able to log with LuCi or SSH (even with mount_root command)...

After doing a "umount /overlay && firstboot && reboot" a couple of times, trying to hit "f" then "enter" when the box was telling me to do so, and nearly thought the box was dead cause it was booting in loops, I finally managed to land in a shell with a "root" account. I changed the password, and allelujah, I could log into LuCi !!!

So then, I decided to have a meal. LoL
Right now I'm playing with openWRT and trying to make everything work (I am trying to make exfat work ^^, but that's a different story... from what I seen, I must compile it, but I'm still searching what package to compile. Must it be a kmod ? whatever, I will potentially ask in an other thread if I can't find by myself)

Thank you all for helping me, so now I can play with OpenWRT, and even talk to some electronic devices in serial mode with an UART cable !!! I had a lot of fun :smiley:
And thanks to @anon69880279 for having shared his firmware. Even if it may have a login issue... but maybe I am the issue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hostname Kimax
Model Kimax U-25AWF
Firmware Version OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r6567-db893ec7f0 / LuCI Master (git-18.088.49307-90ed423)
Kernel Version 4.9.87
Local Time Thu Jan 17 00:15:19 2019
Uptime 0h 34m 18s
Load Average 0.54, 0.15, 0.05


Total Available 93748 kB / 125588 kB (74%)
Free 89104 kB / 125588 kB (70%)
Buffered 4644 kB / 125588 kB (3%)

PS: for those having the same problem, I did not found the cause, but a solution: get an UART/USB adapter connected to the board, and change the password with passwd (I had to try different booting options to get a terminal working for my actual openWRT and not a "recovery mode environment").

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@anon69880279, can you tell me if that firmware is very specific for U25AWF ? I mean, if I want to add sdfat, I have to recompile, so I will have to do all that you mentioned in your old post ?

git clone

After :
scripts/feeds uninstall freeswitch
git pull
scripts/feeds update -a
scripts/feeds install -a
make menuconfig

Quick Image Builder : … ild-images


Patch for BS-U25AWF … era:u25awf

Edit the 7 files modified by daniel kucera
remove tmp folder
make menuconfig -> tag BS-U25AWF (16 MB )
make -j4


I think you have not waited long enough for the update to be complete (it's quite long)

for compilation, yes, it should work

is there a simpler way to have sdfat working ? Maybe I can edit your firmware instead of reinstalling all the patches...

You can simply add options:

opkg update
opkg install xxyyzz --force-dépends

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Thx @anon69880279 --force-depends works for some packages.
For sdfat, I could not get it working (I think I have to recompile with the option to enable patented things, maybe I will try this later when I will know more about openwrt/lede systems).
For now I just reformated using ext4 FS.

By the way, I had to do a factory reset of your image, and after that I DID got the "root has no password" message, and was able to log without root password ! (And I could change password through the Luci interface).

Everything works quite well, I got lan, samba over lan, my SSD can be used through samba... I have wifi working and can even use the hdd as a router to get internet if a network cable is connected on it !

But I'm always trying to get more :slight_smile: since samba doesn't work well through wifi or when the Kimax HDD is connected on the same lan through cable and wlan, im trying to get a php based file browser (webdav is working, but I also want to be able to write and delete on the disk...). For having a decent web file browser working, I need PHP to work... But for now I get a " Bad Gateway The process did not produce any response" on every PHP file I attempt to use. I'm creating a new post for that...

Anyway your snapshot for Kimax seems to work quite well now ^^

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