Can't connect via ftp to my fritz 4040

Hi, the openwrt guide for my fritz 4040 it's very easy and pretty much straight forward.
I have only one problem and that is i can't connect via ftp to my router

When i ping my router windows clearly sees the bootloader , the problem with windows is that i tried basically every ftp client and none of them is working out.

So i decided to install linux and trying with both ftp and tnftp but no matter what linux i use it won't connect via FTP. As a matter of fact when i try to ping to my router it just doesnt see the bootloader at until the fritzos starts

Any help? Thank you, sorry i never used linux in my life i can't figure out how to fix it ahah!

OpenWrt does not install a ftp server by default. The vsftpd package is available if you wanted to set up a file-sharing server. For configuration, updates etc. you can transfer files to / from the router with scp.

I'm trying to INSTALL OpenWRT

Try flashing your 4040 with

Replace "Gluon" by "OpenWrt".

Edit: I have just updated the 4040 devicepage and added Installation via fritzflash.

Alright thanks a lot ^^ i'm on 7 ill quickly install windows 10 and do it. I've basically have to only swap the gluon bin with the openwrt , i don't have to change anything in the phyton script right? Again thanks a lot

Honestly, I don't know anymore. I didn't even find it worthy back then to take notes of the installation on my FB4040, so I guess the linked instructions will just do.

Please mind though: Installation takes time. Be patient.