Can't connect to the router via SSH, but via IP(LAN and Internet) is OK

I use MobaXterm to Connect to my Router remotely, when I entered the password, it crashed back immediately, Here is the MobaXterm's screenshot:

But I can still use luci Page and the router is working normally(I'm using this network to ask this question), I have almost no relevant knowledge about this, hope someone can provide a solution

Never heard of this terminal emulator. Download putty and try with it just to verify that it works or not.


it just crashed at once, nothing in the log file...

what crashed, router or putty ?

putty, log is like that

Verify that dropbear is running: Status - Processes.
Restart dropbear: System - Startup.
Verify dropbear settings: System - Administration - SSH Access (post a screenshot)
Verify firewall allows all in lan zone: Network - Firewall - LAN zone INPUT ACCEPT.

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Status-Processes :

System - Startup

Restart already

SSH Acesss (I use this way to login)

Firewall Settings

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I don't see anything wrong. I suppose you have tried to reboot it already.
Take a backup of your configuration, System-Backup/Flash Firmware and do a Reset to defaults. Router must be able to accept ssh now.

This is the only way left...