Can't connect to my work GlobalProtect vpn after setting up OpenVPN client

I have a personal VPN server running and I set up the openVPN client on my router to connect to my personal VPN. This all works, however, when I connect my work computer to that network and try to connect to my work VPN via GlobalProtect I get an error that it can't connect to the work VPN.

Does anyone have experience with this? I'm using udp on my personal VPN and also have compression enabled in case that plays a role.

could be an IT policy of your employer, black listing VPN hosts, just as netflix and other streaming providers do.

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It looks like settings on work VPN server.

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I’m not connecting to a commercial VPN host. Running a private VPN server on a friends router, so I don’t think blacklisting is the issue (as an aside Netflix works).

What work vpn policy could restrict this? How can the work vpn tell it’s trying to pass through another vpn?

Yeah, if it's via a friends IP, and not a VPN provider, then it's not likely.

It might however be a config issue with your tunnel, stripping something along the way.

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The VPN server is just a standard openvpn setup on a tp-link ac1750.

Do you think it’s more likely the vpn server or a firewall configuration in openwrt. Any advice on possible approaches to debug this?

I'd say it's the VPN, disable it, and retry ....

Global Protect is IPsec based, I don't know if OpenVPN can forward those type of packets.

Can you connect from your friend location, using his router directly, without OpenVPN?

Yep, without OpenVPN in the picture GlobalProtect works without problems.

With the same external IP? Check it on

Yep, same external IP

Initially check port numbers: 443 TCP Used for communication between GlobalProtect apps and portals, or GlobalProtect apps and gateways and for SSL tunnel connections.

GlobalProtect gateways also use this port to collect host information from GlobalProtect apps and perform host information profile (HIP) checks.
4501 UDP Used for IPSec tunnel connections between GlobalProtect apps and gateways.

What port are you using in OpenVPN?