Can't connect to clients on second router after a while, fikxed by reboot

I have a wireless bridge in my house and it's openwrt is on (does not have a dhcp server) and uses relayd to connect to

I have a Linksys PAP2T ATA adapter ( connected to the one of the ethernet ports

When both routers are restarted, everything works fine.
After like 20 hours, I can't connect to the PAP2T, and this is what happens when I ping it while being connected to the router

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from Destination host unreachable.

This problem is fixed when I reboot the bridge router (

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=249

does anybody have a clue what might be happening and how a nub like me can fix it?

bump - i really need some help! clueless atm

Is it stable when you connect it to the main router?

yes, it's just that after a while i can't communicate with clients on the main routers from the secondary router

secondary router is using "relayd"

Fixed by updating firmware to a most recent snapshot and installing luci, relayd, and luci relayd thing.

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