Can't configure OpenWRT wirelessly at a new site - please help

I have OpenWrt 18.06.5 installed on a TP-LINK RE450. I travel a lot and when I am staying anywhere for a few days, I like to set up my own LAN extending the wireless LAN available at my location (hotel, etc).

When I go to a new location, I obviously have to set up my router as a client on the available wireless network. My problem is that if the OpenWRT client is not already specifically set up to an available active wireless network, the "Master" networks (i.e. my wireless networks) are not broadcasting and do not appear so I cannot configure my TP-LINK RE450 wirelessly and the only way I can do it is with the Ethernet port on the router - obviously a real problem if I am using my phone.

So, in summary, OpenWRT set up as an extender only activates the "Master" networks if the router is connected as a client on an active network. If the client is not connected, the "Master" networks do not appear in the list of available networks so you cannot configure the router wirelessly.

Does anybody have a fix for this?


There is a package called "travelmate", that was created for this specific scenario.


Thank you eduperez! I eventually got this to work with travelmate as you suggested.

Like many things with OpenWRT which I love, you need a masters degree in computer science or a lot of time to get it to work but it is working now.

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