Can't communicate with TL-WR940N V4.0 over UART

Hi guys,
I'm fairly new with hardware so go easy on me.
I'm trying to connect to my TP-Link TL-WR940N(EU) Ver4.0 using bus pirate (using UART interface).

According to the documentation ([]=wr940n), there are two solder points need to be shortened. The actual solder points are extremely small, not to say microscopic. So I have two questions:

  1. Should each solder point need to be shortened separately? or the meaning is to connect both solder points to each other.
  2. How am I supposed to that? Any guidance or special tools need to be used? my soldering iron is too big for those small soldering points. I tried to do that on my own and I'm concerned I damaged the board. Attached is a picture of the board.


Thanks in advance

THE TERM "SHORTING" HAS AN ELECTRICAL MEANING THAT DOESN'T APPLY TO THIS TASK, so I want to make sure you are not actually shorting anything together.

It looks like you added a 4-pin riser to the flat 4-pin UART pad on the board. You are supposed to soldier each pin only to the socket you seated it directly into - not to any other of the 3 reaming holes.

A soldering iron with a fine-tip should do the job.

I'm not sure what you mean...but it appears you MIGHT HAVE damaged the board (it's hard to tell)...I'm not sure why you soldered that side, you should have applied the hot soldier beads to the holes at the bottom.

I've never heard of a soldering iron too big for a joint...but they do make smaller tips...

Resistors: 142, 151, 183 184 and 185 appear damaged/missing (or like you soldiered to the resistor pads). It's hard to tell.

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If your intent was to put a drop of soldier between 2 R pads, I can't clearly identify you accomplished that.

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