Can't build freeradius on git (Fixed)

Hi all,
I'm working towards implementing EAP-TLS or EAP-TTLS on my home network.
I'm under the impression that I will need a radius server for this so i'm trying to build an image with freeradius.
This is my config
This is the end of my build log
The specific error is "Library not found: in path: /usr/lib:/lib".
I've done my best to research this but honestly I can't really say I understand what's going on.
I think this is a library stripping failure or a linking failure because there are no errors in package build logs.
Any help much appreciated!

Typically, after struggling with this for days, I find an answer immediately after posting:

"Disable USE_MKLIBS ("Strip unnecessary functions from libraries"), it is known to be broken with musl-libc."

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