Can't block youtube after installing and configuring netify

I have installed and configured according to netify instructions here :
With social apps it's working but youtube is not, can someone help me
Here is the netify-fwa config and the information of blocked ips::

Did you actually read the documentation, or did you only C&P the pretty examples ?

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I have read the documentation and followed those instructions. It's just not working for youtube and I don't know why

See the parallell ?

As already replied in your X-post, talk to the vendor.

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i contacted them and they told me to post it on forum openwrt. LOL

disable their application, does youtube work again ?
in that's the case, their application (or the person setting it up, w/o reading the DOCs) is to blame,
not openwrt.

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i want to block youtube app, do you have any other solution for this :pray:

i am using openwrt on Totolink X5000R for this

you just said it was already blocked ?

and you can't really block youtube, without additional packages and firewall rules.
browsers use DoH, Android DoT, and the youtube app have as DNS hardcoded into it.

The Netify Firewall Agent (Netify FWA) is architecture-independent Python, so you can install it on any OpenWrt system. Please keep in mind, this software is typically customized to meet the specifications of a custom product solution. However, the vanilla version is the place to start! To install:

This looks/seems like an upsale, a bait and tease.

opkg update
opkg install netifyd

wget opkg install netify-fwa-1.2.5-2.ipk

With the (Netify FWA) ~ component, looks like it's not going to be free to do all you desire without said "Custom Product" solution.

Bonus: they sent you here?? Do they have a Rep as a OpenWrt user?

No support, at least not for the vanilla install. Help us out by supplying the following logs. It will at least provide a means for future reference to other's who happen across the platform.

SSH into router and paste the commands below and copy back the results in preformatted text.

opkg list-installed; ubus call system board; dmesg

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