Cant acess modem through OpenWrt

Hello, im newbie and I don't know what I'm doing wrong

I can't access my modem. This is my setup:
Modem: Askey rtf8115vw in Bridge Mode , ip
Router OpenWrt: Redmi AX6S, ip

I did everything on this manual Modem Config but nothing work for me.

when I try to access the modem through the web browser, for some reason I fall into the login screen of my redmi router.

Can please someone help me ?

You have an interface in OpenWRT with your modem IP with a wan device under it, but you’re using your modem in bridge mode using PPPOE for internet access for your clients connected to the OpenWRT router…?

Why have an interface for your modem? It’s unnecessary and redundant. It’s creating a network mask route for your modem IP to point to your OpenWRT router. Try disabling the modem interface and you should be able to get to your modem’s GUI with its IP address.

EDIT: Ahh, I see what you’re trying to do in creating an alias following that guide and that the interface IP is indeed different. Sorry, I never had this issue. My ISP allows for passthrough with DHCP set on both wan and wan6 and connecting to the modem GUI when connected to the LAN network wasn’t an issue for me.

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Hi @MauricioSBG,

I had exactly the same problem. I cleared all the browser cookies and caches related to 192.168.*.* and used incognito mode. Please see here : Routing traffic from br-lan to Virgin Media Modem

Hope this helps. Thank you!


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I checked everything one more time and found my problem.
The interface ip should be and the gateway the modem ip,
After that I managed to make it work.
Thank you guys for the tips.


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