Can't access web UI

Using a TP-LINK archer c2600 v1.1. Was having problems with the stock firmware disconnecting me ever so often so I decided to install the latest LEDE on it. Was able to successfully flash it but now I can't login into the web UI via I'm able to successfully ssh into it via putty and set a password but I'm stuck on setting up my LAN and wifi. Any help is appreciated.

Forgot to mention trying to access web UI states Login incorrect and - The requested URL /webpages/login.html was not found on this server or I have a incorrect password.

Sounds like browser cache problem. There is no such URL in LEDE's LuCI GUI.

Ps. have you installed the GUI... it is not installed by default in buildbot snapshot builds.

opkg update
opkg install luci

Thank you very much clearing the cache on google chrome solved my issues.