Can't access web GUI via

I just flashes OperWrt to a Linksys EA4200v2 router, but I can't access the web GUI at
I flashed the router w/ firmware version "openwrt-kirkwood-linksys-viper-squashfs-factory.bin", using the LinKsys GUI.

I can access the internet with the router's internet plug connected to my provider's (ATT) DSL router, so it appears to have flashed successfully.

I'm not very skilled at linux, so any instruction will have to be pretty basic.

Thanks for your help.

You have installed a snapshot version of OpenWrt, which does not come with LuCI preinstalled.

You have to install LuCI manually, see


If you are on Windows, you could use PuTTy to have SSH access to the router and proceed with installing LuCI as detailed in the link given by @tmomas in the post above.

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Thanks for the quick reply mhegab!

That worked, I'm in.

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Yuo are welcome. The solution goes to @tmomas, I believe.

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Thank you tmomas!

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