Can't Access WD My Cloud via Asus router after installing Openwrt

Hi, I'm very noob on openwrt, i managed to install the openwrt snapshot image on my asus router, but when i tried to access wd my cloud through https://wdmycloud/ the browser says wdmycloud took too long to respond.

@Mohamedgamala, welcome to the community!

Ummmm, installed OpenWrt, so that wouldn't work any more, correct?

  • OpenWrt's default IP is
  • Your OpenWrt device is now a DHCP server listening on its LAN - meaning it will assign IPs from (i.e. just like another router). Connect a normal computer and change the addressing if you desire.
  • Snapshot images do not have a web GUI, you will need to SSH to to proceed
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I changed the router address to, And ot works now THANKS!

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