Can't access Tailscale hosts from TV connected to OpenWrt AP

I installed the latest stable build of OpenWRT to my Asus RT-AX53U today and installed Tailscale.

I expected that when I connect my Android TV to the router with Tailscale on it, I'd be able to connect to my media server but I can't.

I can connect to my other Tailscale hosts by their DNS name from within the router via ssh and also can connect to the router by its DNS name from other Tailscale hosts.

So Tailscale works, and all I'm trying to achieve now is to somehow allow router AP clients to access my Tailscale hosts by their DNS name without having to install Tailscale on them all (e.g. Android TV can't deal with installing the app, long outstanding bug).

Any ideas on how to make this work?

If anyone is interested in setting up for me, I'm totally willing to pay a fee for the setup that works the way I need it.

if you give me access i can set it up for you.