Can't access SSH after installation on RT-AC51U

Yep, can't get worse, at least!

Lets goo

but if the router's "dead" after flashing, it would seem it's actually trying to flash the file provided, but fails, for reasons unknown ...

Ughhh, but the power LED glows blue, so I assume that's normal, but no other lights, should be at least a LAN LED, wifi is disabled by default so that explains that

I'm gonna try this TFTP solution

No luck with TFTP either

does the file at least transfer ?

No, it seems to block TFTP connection, just like SSH

Also it was in port 1 and it was in rescue mode or what its called

If its soft bricked, ssh won't work, TFTP is done talking to the boot loader, not the OS.

Are you sure you own an AC51U, and not an AC51U+ ?
What does the bottom sticker say ?

Don't know the difference, just noticed there was a + model in the wild.

This is the RT-AC51U also referred to as RT-AC750

It could just be similar model names and wrong firmware, but I doubt it

For referrence, the sticker says RT-AC51 and not RT-AC51U

The AC51 looks like

the 51U like

I assume you got the 1st one ?

Yep first one, four antennas

Well, that probably makes or breakes the firmware, any other firmware options for AC51, I saw no direct support for AC51, unless its backwards compatible, but it does not mention such a thing, so I assume it is not

your assumption seems to be correct Asus RC-AC51 vs ASUS RC-AC51U?

Any chances for asuswrt merlin, looks dark to me

I think Merlin is for Broadcom only, this is MediaTek.

Ah, any known mediatek custom firmwares?

outside of openwrt and spin offs, no ... sorry.

Damn, well thanks for your help and time

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