Can't access OpenWrt (RavPower RP-WD03)

First I want to say I'm completely new to openwrt and I recently decided to TFTP openwrt to my RP-WD03 since its been collecting dust for a while and now that I'm here after following the instructions (from: I can't access it.

To explain I can't access Luci or SSH through, I can still reflash OpenWrt kernel and rootfs but still left with the same result. my computer recognizes the ethernet connection but still can't access anything.

I hope someone can help me with this and thanks in advance.

The esisest solution to your problem will be to atach to the UART on the pcb and Look at the console log, without that you cant relly know whats hapenig there can be a number of reasons why you cant acsess it, from bad cable to a failed flash

Thanks I'll look into getting a UART adapter, but in the mean time is there anything I should look out for when I eventually get the logs. Also speaking of failed flash I followed this video ( when flashing OpenWrt but I used a different TFTP server application since the one in the video for some reason didn't work with me, any suggestions towards that.