Cant access Openwrt luci from main lan (wifi bridge/extender)

So I followed the documentation for the Wifi Extender or Repeater or Bridge Configuration on the knowledge base. And it worked great, able to extend wifi and connect devices that previously had bad signal. But theres one thing that would be nice to have but cant get to work. To access the luci panel from the network the guide says assign the interface an address in that subnet which I did but it failed. Currently the only way to access it is to change my ip to a address. Any ideas?

This is called a routed client where you have one network for LAN and a different network for WAN which is connected wirelessly (ordinary AP-STA link) to a source of Internet.

By default the wan firewall zone rejects incoming connections. You need to open port 80 to be able to use LuCI from the wan side.