Can't access luci tp-link cpe510 v2

I messed with Luci and deleted br-lan. After that I could not connect to the router any longer. I tried to flash the firmware with tftp on Windows.But still I can't reach the router.

I don't have any Linux knowledge or how to use ssh or some consoles. So if someone want to help me, I need an idiot proof approach how to solve my misery after trying for 3 days
If someone has a hint,I would be very :grin:

Looks like it sent the file. Sometimes you have to wait a while for it to write the file to memory and then reboot.

What was recovery.bin -- was it OpenWrt? Or the vendor firmware?
If it was OpenWrt, what was the exact file that you used (and obviously renamed)?

I'm an idiot. I tried to reach out on the standard IP
But wrt standard is
Sorry for post

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