Can't access local publicly hosted web server from isolated interface

Hello, I have a homelab with domain name mydomain.tld. I followed the guide for guest networks here and I was wondering how I allow people using this guest network to connect to the mydomain.tld server which is hosted on the LAN of the same router. I tried adding a Firewall traffic rule that is "Forwarded IPv4 protocol TCP From Guest to lan, IP, port 80, 443" but it appears this only open is hosts the internal IP of the homelab, not the domain name. (So, will show an nginx 404 page, which shows the rule is working, but mydomain.tld will claim to not be found.)
How do I properly configure the firewall/DNS to allow this without allowing access to the entirety of all ports on the LAN? Thanks :slight_smile:

Keep the traffic rule and rebind mydomain.tld to (better) or use the reflection_zone option to create reflection rules for the guest zone.

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