Can't access admin page [solved]

Hi everyone! I think I've been following the instructions, but I can't get the administration page on a new install of OpenWrt on my R7800.

The factory setup had an HTML administration page at but my browser in unable to connect. I can ping the router at but no luck finding it with my browser. DNS is working, and I'm actually sending this over the new install, but I'm using all default settings, of course.

I can SSH in as root, but have no idea what to do once I'm in. The SHA256 was checked before installation, and I've looked thru this forum for clues about how to get control. I would just try a re-install, but the instructions call for using the original admin interface, which I just wrote over.

Thanks for your help!

Which OpenWrt image exactly have you flashed?


Hmmm. Now I see that maybe it was supposed to be openwrt-19.07.3-ipq806x-generic-netgear_r7800-squashfs-factory.img

What do I do now?

You have installed a snapshot image. Read the link for instructions how to install Luci, which is not installed by default in snapshots.

Alternatively, update to 19.07.3, which does include LuCI.

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Thank you! That was actually easy!

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