Cannot update firmware from DD-WRT to OpenWrt

I am running a TP-Link ARCHER-C7 v2 that is currently running DD-WRT. I am trying to upgrade to the appropriate version of OpenWrt, but when I do the firmware update sequence, it reboots back into DD-WRT. Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

The (strongly) recommended approach would be to check dd-wrt's documentation for ways to revert to the stock OEM firmware. Once you are running the OEM firmware (again), you can follow OpenWrt's documentation for installing OpenWrt.

In this particular case, you may be able to use tftp push-button recovery to 'unbrick' your device, following the information on its device page in the wiki, but that is untested and not guaranteed to work (depends on the open question if dd-wrt is doing anything strange to the OEM bootloader and its configuration or the OEM partitioning, they do for some devices). Please follow the former advice to get back to OEM first.


That may have been before TP-Link started to include TFTP recovery in their bootloader. Try to activate TFTP by holding down the reset button while turning the power on, and keep holding it down. If TFTP is available the WPS light alone will come on after about 20 seconds. Also try the same thing with the WPS button.

probably need to flash openwrt-factory instead of sysupgrade.