Cannot understand how to play mp3 using MPD

Hi all.
Faced a small probem and found no answers in a documentation.
I have an old Mi Hub with OpenWrt 19.07.7 installed plus

  • mpd-full 0.21.25-1
  • mpc 0.33-1
    The speaker is inside and it is working, SSH > mpg123 "/etc/sound/test.mp3" IS working.
    MDP config is default one.

I have a Home Assistance software where I added my Mi Hub as MPD device (192.168.1.X:6600)
Cannot understand what exactly I should send to 192.168.1.X:6600 to play the sound.
I am always got "Failed to open XXX No such file or directory" or syntax errors.

I have tried:
mpd 192.168.1.Y/local/test.mp3
mpd "192.168.1.Y/local/test.mp3"
mpd http://192.168.1.Y/local/test.mp3
mpd "http://192.168.1.Y/local/test.mp3"
mpd "/etc/sound/test.mp3"
mpd /etc/sound/test.mp3
mpd file://192.168.1.Y/local/test.mp3
mpd "file://192.168.1.Y/local/test.mp3"
mpd file://etc/sound/test.mp3
mpd "file://etc/sound/test.mp3"

Thanks in advance.

Pretty sure you need a client (mpc) for it...

Yes, but mpc need firstly do
mpc add link
then mpc play

Do I have any chance to send just a link over network to 192.168.1.X:6600 and it starts playing?

since it appears to be a plain text protocol, you can probably telnet to port 6600 and run the commands.

There's a whole bunch of really cool web UIs for MPD, if you feel like going down that road.

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