Cannot stream from home to Plexamp (iPhone)

Hi Folks,
i cannot stream from my plexserver to plexamp ( since 2 months now - as long as i use an openwrt router. I tried also reinstall the app but it did not help. It simply do not see the server over a mobile network (but plexamp works via public WLAN’s - including my own LAN, also VPN via Wireguard).

So i assume the openwrt router rejects the request - how can i enable it ?

Strangely the “normal” plex player works via mobile net (remote access is via port sharing - enabled) is green in the settings. Quiet desperate because i cannot use carplay so i cannot listen to my music when driving.

Please help, i am still not experienced as a openwrt user,
thanks trigger2k23

So if you connect to a public WiFi, your plexamp streaming works, but not when you're using your cell provider data? I'd suspect something fishy with your cellular provider then.

Thanks Stan,
Please not, then it is impossible to repair... Can i check at least the the openwrt configuration or try to "enable" a plexamp pasthru - can you point me to the right menu ? BTW, i am using the standard Adblock Filter.

So if you connect to a public WiFi, does your plexamp streaming work?

This is what I have to make it work. Nothing else, except the config mention in the Plex server.

Yes, strange but true. It does not work over mobile net except via VPN (tested WireGuard)...

Hi steinmb,
thanks for the screenshot, my Port Forward is literally the same except different IP number for the server. And the plex player on iPhone who uses this port, works. Can please you check if plexamp can reach the server and works ? If yes, can you paste your general and advanced settings if you don't mind (Please blur the IP Internal adress field due to security reasons)

Thanks trigger2k23

Use plexamp daily. Not much config in Plex server:

Try another phone, still blocked, try another SIM/network provider.

To me it looks like a clear indication your carrier is doing some evil things. You should reach out to them and ask if they are blocking access to certain ports or content with DPI.

Hi, i was on Holiday.
Thanks for the reply, I tried also this parameters described here , no luck. The ISP said to me that he did not block any ports, which btw. would also block the normal Plex application (which works). Frustrating...

Hi all,
case closed , it was internal error within Plexamp. With the latest update the app works. Thanks for the hints & help !

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