Cannot send WOL packets since upgrade to 23.05


something has changed in OpenWrt i guess
because since i upgraded no apps on my Samsung tablet can wake up my NAS. From the router itself and etherwake no problems.

Do anybody here have an idea how i can fix this ? Perhaps it's not OpenWrt i dont know.
Any idea would be nice dont want to miss that feature.

Normally, the router isn't involved in WOL packets unless it is generating them. However, if you're using OpenWrt for your AP and the packets need to traverse that link between two wireless devices or a wireless and a wired device, I could see a plausible situation where the wifi configuration could swallow the packets or something similar.

What version of OpenWrt were you on previously?
How are the devices connected to the network?
If you roll back to your previous OpenWrt version, does WOL work again?