Cannot save certain fields in LuCI

Has anyone noticed that cannot save in certain fields in LuCI?

Primarily these (add additional boxes):


Notice the box with data in it:

  • I make that edit on command line
  • I cannot add a second entry from LuCI
  • If I delete the first entry in LuCI, I cannot add another (must reuse CLI)


  • luci/admin/system/system - NTP servers
  • luci-app-wireguard - allowed IPs

Using: LuCI Master (git-19.217.26909-07aedbf)

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Yes, I've noticed similar problems in snapshots for a couple of months now, for example, make an entry in a field, click save and apply and it's not saved, you have to make an entry, then click + and leave that entry blank and then click save and apply for the changes to save. Or another example, adding custom dns servers in Network>Interfaces, if I put in the first field and in the second, click + and save and apply will move to the first field and to the second, it has to be changed in cli to get the right order. I keep meaning to make a bug report and just keep forgetting.

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You cannot add or it doesn't retain it? If the latter, what happens if you add two?

OK, another section - I added two entries (.3 and .4) to an already existing list of one (.2):


After Save and Apply:


This is expected. You need to hit "+" (or press enter) to actually add the value. The last field needs to be blank before hitting Save & Apply

Edit: fixed with


This is unrelated to the OP's issue and caused by the fact that the widget orders the values internally before writing them to uci.

Edit: fixed with

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