Cannot reflash OEM firmware in SSA format in EA3500

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The OEM firmware for my EA3500 is in the SSA format, and when trying to load it using the LuCI (Web UI), there is an error saying "The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format."

The wget and sysupgrade commands will leave the router stuck in a blinking power light, but will revert to the OpenWRT firmware after doing a 30-30 reset and a powercycle.

Any ideas on how to restore the OEM firmware to the router without physically opening the unit and using the JTAG-related stuff?

Did you try Linksys support?

Have you seen this? -

I used to have an ea3500 and was able to flash back to stock using sysupgrade with the -F flag. Apparently others have had some problems using that method recently, so you might have to find a build of OpenWrt that it works on, according to another thread LEDE 17.01.4 might be a good one to try. So, flash LEDE 17.01.4, then transfer Linksys stock to the /tmp folder of the ea3500, cd to /tmp on the ea3500 and run

sysupgrade -F linksysfirmare.ssa

Use whatever the file name is instead of linksysfirmware.ssa, that was just an example.

edit - hate to mention the obvious, but make sure you unzip the linksys stock firmware before flashing, only mentioning because I forgot to do it myself a couple of times

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Check this

getting more difficulty for OSM firmware in SSA, can u help

yes i try. it is cool

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