Cannot reach external IP

Hi all,

I recently installed ACwifidude OpenWrt 22.03-SNAPSHOT r20145-30fca5413b coming from a Kong release and configured it "manually". I remember that I also tested my ddns and wireguard setup and it worked fine. After that I installed and configured stubby. In that context I also updated some software packages, but I don't exactly remember which ones.

Today I experienced that I cannot get a connection from outside to wireguard and another device. Therefore I reverted the changes made due to stubby. At least I believe I found everything :wink: The problem remains.

I also noticed that the WAN interface doesn't show my external IP (v4) but sth. like I'm not sure if that is an issue or not. At least before the update that was different. Therefore I had to change the IP source of my ddns to URL, which seems to work now.

However, I still don't get a wireguard connection to work. Even not if I change the client from ddns to IP. Firewall rules and forwardings also seem ok.

What I also recognized is that I can not ping my external IP from outside the network. It seems that all incoming traffic gets blocked.

So besides the DoT via stubby and DNSSEC I don't remember that I changed anything else.

I'm not the great OpenWRT expert. Is the anything I could try?

Best regards

it does.
you're being NATed by your ISP, that's not a public IP.

as long as your WAN IP doesn't match the IP given by any random whatsmyip site, you've kind of screwed.


Ähh sound stupid but that was the hint. Thanks a lot!

I remember that I opened a ticket at my ISP due to service issues. They closed the ticket without any further comments yesterday. Now I found our, that they reseted my router/modem. No I changes the mode and everything is fine again :wink:

Now I need to do the hassle with stubby again. Or is the a nice LUCI alternative that can be used?