Cannot login to reseted router

Hi there!
I have a Linksys WRT54GL which was modified by an old partener from the University. Now, I want to give it another life and I have reseted it with the 30/30/30 hard reset. Before the reset it had ip and OpenWrt 0.9 installed (white russian) and I didn't know the user nor the password. After the reset, its ip is but the OS is the same and I cannot login with user = root or user = admin, pass = admin.
Thanks in advance :).

No such thing on modern firmware.

User: root

(no password).

This is extremely old an insecure - should not be used for production devices.

Your WRT-54GL is even below that non-sufficient lowest limit (only 16 MB RAM), there is no way to do anything reasonable with that amount of RAM, this device deserves to meet the recycling bin. Actually supported devices (with 8/64 or more) start in the <20 USD range (delivered to your door), even less from the used markets.

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As I said, I have already tried with username root and no password. Also, the reset I refer does exist as it worked for me. The problem is that I cannot loggin with deafult credentials. Thanks.

I don't think that's the problem as I just want to loggin into the router, which has the OS already installed.

Use telnet, user root, it should log you in with no password. Then set a password, which will configure ssh, so you don't have the huge vulnerabilty of telnet.

Often you will need to clear the browser cache to get proper operation of the web interface after changing the device at

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FWIW, if you are running any recent version of MacOS (I think in the last 3-4 versions) telnet is no longer installed (because security), so don’t be surprised if this requires extra effort.

Keep in mind all the warnings and recommendations about not using really old versions of OpenWrt and hardware that is very underpowered by today’s standards. You won’t be able to get any help or support with such an old version mainly because things are just so different now and nobody is likely to remember the details of the old versions.

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