Cannot install wireguard support on main branch

Hello, I built OpenWRT from the source code for a Banana BPI-R3, but I cannot install the wireguard support due to a kernel version mismatch. What am I doing wrong? I followed the steps of the build guide and only chose my board model, then enabled luci in the menu. All else is default.


You need to build exactly on the same commit as the official release, or build everything yourself.


Hi, do you mean that only the tagged releases are meant to work and the main branch is otherwise possibly broken? How do you suggest to proceed, given that this board isn't into an official release yet?

Build everything yourself, or if it's in snapshot, use the image builder to include all the kmods you might need.


That's what I did: I checked out the main branch, then built everything myself.

Then you need to point your build to your package repository, not the official one.

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Okay, I get it now, thank you!